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Six Ideas to Step up for Education on Mandela Day
14 July 2010
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Mandela Day in Education: A Call

Six Ideas to Step up for Education on Mandela Day

“It is not beyond our power to create a world in which all children have access to quality education.  Those who do not believe this have small imaginations.” Mr. Nelson Mandela, ‘07

Mandela Day and Education:

Mandela Day is an annual celebration of the life of Mr. Nelson Mandela, and a global call to action to use our energies to change our world. 

Last year, on the first global Mandela Day, people across the world and from all walks of life took the future into their own hands, by volunteering their time and energy to the cause of social justice. 

We call on all people to take a step into education on Mandela Day... and then make every day a Mandela Day...

Prepare for Mandela Day:

Organise your family, friends, colleagues, schools or congregations to join people around the world and spend at least 67 minutes to contribute to quality education for all. 

It is government’s responsibility to make sure all children have access to quality education -- but they cannot work alone. We all must jump into education, to secure the future of our children.

The Nelson Mandela Institute at the University of Fort Hare was launched to take forward Mr. Mandela’s work in education and rural development.  Together with the National Department of Basic Education, they share some ideas about how you can make a difference in the early schooling of our children.

1. Create Safe and Cheery Schools
Many crèches and schools are not safe, warm and cheerful.  Find ways to refurbish, paint and decorate classrooms – use bright warm colours!

2. Make and Collect Toys
Many crèches and classrooms lack educational toys like puzzles and blocks.  Make some blocks or other toys for a local crèche or classroom.
3. Give Fun and Interesting Books
Most crèches and classrooms do not have enough story books – books that make reading and listening fun.  Donate your favourite children’s story books.  Or write a story.  It is especially important to provide books in children’s mother tongue.
Share your stories, experiences and thoughts on Mandela Day and Education.  Go to mandelainstitute.org.za. Or fax 043.704.7240

4. Read Together
Many children do not have joyful experiences of books and stories.  Read with and to children -- at a local school, crèche, or a children’s hospital ward.  Bring together people in your community to support reading clubs. 

5. Tell a Story
Children learn by hearing stories and words used in different ways. Tell a favourite story, or tell a story from your own life. 

6. Support Play
Children learn through play.  Donate your time to local schools and crèches to supervise play during break times.  Donate your coaching skills and start an all-play league for young children.

Have Fun and Respect Each Other!

These are only a few ideas.  Have fun coming up with other ideas. Remember, good work is always rooted in respectful relationships.  Ask a teacher how you can best support the crèche or school. 

For more resources to use on Mandela Day click here.

(For more information about Mandela Day visit www.mandeladay.com)

Share your stories, experiences and thoughts on Mandela Day and Education.  Go to mandelainstitute.org.za

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